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Below are just some of our products for the most common well water issues. We offer many other products not shown on this page.

Please contact us to learn more about the correct equipment for your application.

Why choose our equipment?

  • All major equipment that we install is made in the USA. We source high quality equipment from
    multiple suppliers. We are also a dealer of Kinetico Water Systems. This provides us access to:
  • Products with the most comprehensive warranties available. Many of our systems have 10 year
    warranties on the product and all moving parts within. Don’t be fooled by limited lifetime
    warranties of other products.
  • Non-electric twin tank water softeners and K-5 R.O. systems. It is a fact that these systems are
    more efficient and longer lasting than anything else available. This results in significantly
    reduced lifetime costs and better performance. Just ask us why and we will take the time to
    explain the technical differences.

Service and support after the installation

  • Any system you choose is only as good as the company who installs and services it. We
    guarantee support for any system we install and that it will be properly suited for your application.
  • Routine maintenance by one of our service technicians or guidance for the do-it yourselfer. We
    have a very high expectation for our service team and so should you. Our service technicians are
    friendly, knowledgable, and there when you need them.
  • We locally stock affordable replacement filters, UV lamps, and other components.
  • Our service scheduler will contact you to remind you that your system is due for maintenance.

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